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Live in your audience's head rent-free with a TVC.

Get your business or brand out there in front of millions of consumers by creating a professional television commercial. A TV commercial can visually display information about your products or services, including how they work and why your target market should buy what you offer. Advertising on TV helps to:
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Partner with Australia's Top TVC Production House to Boost your Company

TV commercials are effective. But you don't have to take our word for it; studies show that, despite the growing influence of the internet and social media in particular, TV still accounts for a large proportion of people's viewing time.

Due to the vast audience TV commercials can reach, they have the potential to significantly boost the sales and profits of any business. However, that will only apply if you mount an effective campaign and you need a professional and experienced TVC production company to do that.

How our TVC Video Production Service can help you

To be truly effective, TV commercials need to be properly targeted and, for that to occur, you need to know your audience and the type of advertisement you wish to run. Advertisements can be:

  • direct response TV advertising (DRTV) where viewers will be asked to undertake a particular action, such as telephoning a number or visiting a website
  • branding advertisements that are intended to build brand awareness of a company or its offerings rather than trying to sell a specific product or service
  • advertisements that focus on a particular product or service, detailing how it works and explaining the benefits so that viewers are inclined to buy.

By advertising on TV, you can increase awareness of your company and its products and services. As a result, when people are looking to buy, they'll be fully aware of what you have to offer and are more likely to make a purchase.

The traditional way to produce TV commercials was for a large advertising agency to run the campaign and come up with the idea for the commercial. However, the making of the commercial would be put in the hands of third party TV production companies and the advertising agency would then handle the distribution. That doesn't happen with us because we deal with everything from the initial brief right through to the commercial appearing on TV.

The fact that everything in our TVC production company is done in-house means there are fewer misunderstandings, better communication and a more co-ordinated process that works much more smoothly. It also means we can react better to changing needs and are able to produce your commercial on time and within budget.

Flexibility for a Successful and Effective TVC Production Company

Moving away from the traditional model for producing TV commercials means we're more agile and flexible. We'll listen to your needs at the initial concept meeting and learn about your company and its aims. We'll work closely with you to develop the script for the commercial and will then produce the advertisement that delivers the required message.

Working the way we do means we are able to produce effective TV commercials for any size and type of company. Our business model allows us to create commercials that really work, ranging from small and simple, low budget advertisements to large scale efforts that are full of special effects. But, whatever they are, they'll all be produced to be effective and they'll all be aired at a time that hits the right audience.

Visual Domain is the leading corporate video production company that offers different services including animated marketing videos, corporate animation, and Ecommerce product video production. If you want to put your company more in the public eye, you need the best TVC production company, just get in touch and we'll create a TV commercial that really produces results.

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TV commercials are the best form of advertisement to introduce your product in the market with a bang.
With a sea of advertisements online, it can be hard to know which brand to choose. A TVC adds that professional credibility.
Extend the reach of your campaign and your brands recognisability by getting in front of viewers not available online.


Football Federation Australia: Play Football National
FFA encourages players to sign up for MiniRoos and other Football programs through a TVC.
Totally Workwear: Hard Working Community
Totally Workwear gathers local support while bringing people into stores with their recent TVC.
Jinding promotes there elegant brand and what it can offer to their customers in its latest sleek TVC. Be on it latest TVC explores why they are the one-stop shop for being on it for relationship advice.
Makita: Show don't tell
Makita's new TVC gives viewers all the tools to rule the outdoors showcasing their new gardening product range.
Bravura: Sonata Alta Brand Awareness Video
It's time to rethink manual processes, paper forms and much more with Bravura's Sonata Alta automation platform.
Real Estate
Homely: Digital Feature
Homely displays their search and suburb review technology when choosing a house with recent a TVC.
DUGG: New Range of Menswear
Dugg's light-hearted video shows no matter your preference they have you sorted in this quirky TVC.
SodaKing: Brand Awareness
SodaKing promotes new environmentally friendly products in this TVC.
Play Football 2020 TVC

A video that encourages players to sign up for MiniRoos and other Football programs.

Health care
Back in Motion

Back in Motion - Channel 9 TVC

FMCG and Products | Technology

All your favorite brands are available to rent for a flexible amount of time. And if we don’t list the product you want, we’ll try to find it for you.

Yellow Regional Animated TVC

Yelllow - Regional TVC campaign.

Real Estate
Homely: A Home With Gran TVC

Homely captures the bond between a mother and daughter as she purchases a new home. 

FMCG and Products
Hemp Oz

A 30-second TVC for 9 Voyager online Hemp products. 

Advertising | Technology | Sport

Bet on sports & racing markets with an Australian owned bookmaker. 

FMCG and Products

Roll'd - TVC shoot of the dishes.

Advertising | FMCG and Products
SodaKING: TV Commercial

SodaKING TV Commercial

Bevmarks: Mattress Trade In TVC

Trade-in your mattress with Bevmarks promotion during 2020. 

Play Up 15

New brand video for Play Up. 

Health care | Advertising
Rageismbeauty TVC

This video is for women who want to get back their glow.

Finance | Technology

A personal finance app that helps people understand their total net worth and also gives users an opportunity to earn money through completing surveys.

Health care
Monash Health: Public Appeal TVC

Monash Health Appeal in 2020 - using real staff and people to get across the importance. 

FMCG and Products
Axiom: Coopers Maverick 'Great Combos'

TVC to promote Coopers Maverick product.

FMCG and Products | Technology
Untion Agency - Mepacs

MePACS service & the Solo product.

Advertising | FMCG and Products

Michelin Summer Campaign aims to promote safety.

Independant Reserve

Independent Reserve - 15 second TVC.

Real Estate
Homely: No TVC

Homely use this lighthearted TVC to show the new life changes that help make your move. 

Health care

This campaign is a call on the Government to restore dignity to the aged care system, and that means implementing the recommendations of the Aged Care Royal Commission.

FMCG and Products
Bev Marks - 2021
Bevmarks TVC - Australia Day
FMCG and Products
Snaffle TVC

All your favorite brands are available to rent for a flexible amount of time. And if we don’t list the product you want, we’ll try to find it for you. Don’t buy it. Snaffle it.