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Social Media

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The combination of social media and video marketing is the most powerful way to reach potential customers. Video is emotional, interactive, and can do so much more than the written word in a much shorter time. That’s why it’s crucial to post video content on your social pages. If you’re not, you’re missing out on tons of likes, shares, comments, and reactions, organic engagement that spreads your brand presence further than you can imagine. From TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn to Youtube we have you covered.
85% of Facebook videos are watched with no sound. Make sure that your content is optimised per channel.
Instagram Reels Vs IGTV there is so much space for video on Instagram. Let us walk you through best practice
The biggest video sharing network in the world and the best place for people to find your content

Social Media

HiPages: Job Leads
HiPages showcase how they can help your business bring in new leads through a social video.
Vogue Australia: Miranda Kerr Shoot
Vogue Australia follow Miranda Kerr & Evan Spiegel around during their August Cover Shoot.
Vogue X Michael Hill: Fashion Film
Vogue creates a fashion film with Michael Hill showcasing their new collection.
Department of Transport: Smarter Roads
The Department of Trasport communicates it's Smarter Roads Programs through this engaging video.
Harris Scarfe x Taste TV: Poh Cooking
Taste TV teams up with Harris Scarf ambassador, Poh to bake a choc mint truffle wreath.
Bravura: Sonata Alta Brand Awareness Video
It's time to rethink manual processes, paper forms and much more with Bravura's Sonata Alta automation platform.
Shelion: Customer video - New Socials
Shelion showcases how people have rallied around to support local businesses in this social video.
Cowra Tourism: Chris to Cowra
Cowra Tourism created a viral tourism video that was bound to get Chris Hemsworth to their town.
Vogue: Dior Beauty
Vogue along with Lily May Mac shares her daily skincare routine with the help of Dior Beauty.
TJM 4X4: Ford Ranger Accessories Video
TJM shows off their new range of Ford Ranger accessories captured in their natural environment, the bush.
MYOB: Simply Social: Customer Success Story
MYOB introduces you to Simply Socials in their latest customer testimonials series.
Advertising | FMCG and Products
The Urban List

To promote CONNOISSEUR's new plant-based range by partnering up with restaurants/cafes across Australia who are creating bespoke limited edition dishes (that will be available across Nov - Dec) that integrate the new ice cream products. 

Advertising | FMCG and Products
Urban List - City of Stirling

Promo video for the City of Stirling in conjunction with Urban List.

Food Corp - Taste Recipe

Taste's recipe takes a spin off the classic cob loaf, creating a crowd favourite Gaytime loaf dip.

Advertising | FMCG and Products
Beard & Blade

Short and sharp social content for Beard and Blade's razors and hair products. 

FMCG and Products
San Churro

San Churro - April Menu Social Content - General Group Awareness.

Tourism | FMCG and Products
Origin - Lets Melbourne

Origin is one of the key businesses supporting the Let’s Melbourne Again initiative, which is all about rebuilding confidence, creativity and hope in Melbourne -  helping to help get our city back on its feet post COVID. 

Tourism | FMCG and Products
Know your region

 A video that features a regional producer/farmer/fisherman and highlights their produce, their day to day life and the importance of their industry to Australian communities.

Tourism | Advertising | FMCG and Products
Ford x Tourism

A series of road trips in a Ford.

Tourism | Advertising
Escape: Mornington

A video tour of St Kilda and Mornington Peninsula, including venues and activities to visit and explore.

FMCG and Products | Hospitality
MYOB: Next Generation

The Next Generation - Melbourne Episodes.

Advertising | FMCG and Products

Nando's - 2.5D Sold out Bottles GIF

Tourism | FMCG and Products
Escape: Gold Coast

A video tour on local neighbourhoods/cities, including venues and activities to visit and explore.

Health care | Development
Bupa: Fit Feed

Bupa's Keep Your Feed Fit campaign - aimed at empowering the audience to take practical tips to improve mental health/wellbeing online.

Advertising | FMCG and Products

Dyson Supersonic Hero Video: Buy Direct 

FMCG and Products | Technology
Origin: App

Social media Origin App video. 


This video is to promote the new stage release of The Orchards - Norwest.

Woodlea: The Next Generation

Woodlea Townhouses Video

Advertising | Technology
Hi Pages App Video

HiPages App video

FMCG and Products
Beard & Blade Social Video

Social content for Beard and Blade's razors and hair products.

FMCG and Products
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