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Live Streaming Services

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Reach a larger audience with a live stream.

Live streaming refers to online streaming of media which is simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time. Live streaming capabilities over the past few years has grown and so has the technology and engagement. At Visual Domain, we host many different platforms to broadcast your live stream; including our very own Visual Domain Live platform.
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How Live Streaming Services can Solve Event Problems

Organising a live event can be a nightmare. Whether it's a seminar, a new product launch or a presentation, you have to book the venue and sort out accommodation and catering. It's often difficult for everyone to attend on the same day, especially for those who are travelling a fair distance and it can be expensive in terms of travelling costs and hotels. And, of course, sometimes events have to be cancelled unexpectedly at the last minute, meaning you still have expenses and nothing to show for them.

The answer to all this is to use a live streaming service that allows anyone to participate in the event wherever they are. This ensures the event can always go ahead, is less costly to put on and is available at convenient times for everyone.

Benefits and Flexibility for Streaming Live Services

Using our live stream production services, you can put on live events much quicker, much cheaper and to a wider audience. They can be anything from a small event that's streamed privately for internal staff only to a large-scale conference that has a mixture of a live audience and those who are watching remotely. The main aspects to consider when organising an event using live video streaming services are:

  • The platforms you should distribute on, which need to be the ones that are most suitable for your audience. Various social media platforms are available, such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and these are generally free to use and are widely used by your viewers so they offer great convenience. However some, notably LinkedIn and Instagram, impose some restrictions that may cause difficulties. You can also broadcast live through your own website, generally creating a new page specifically for each event.
  • The inclusion of logos and other forms of branding so that your event is identifiable and memorable.
  • Whether you want the live event to be available for everyone or if you want to restrict access to authorised participants only.
  • The level of control you need over the content, including the quality of the video, number of camera angles, level of audience interaction and the availability of recordings for later distribution.

A High Quality Live Streaming Services in Australia

Are you looking for a visual production agency that offers live streaming services in Australia? Contact Visual Domain as our aim is always to produce a robust, high quality live streamed event from which you can gain maximum benefit. Our other production services include corporate animation, Ecommerce product video production, and marketing video production.

Depending on the size and complexity of the event, we can use multiple cameras operating from different angles. We always broadcast and record in the highest quality because attendees normally rate this one of the most important factors when viewing a live stream broadcast.

We can produce a highly customised event that can include question and answer sessions for audience participation as well as recorded, edited and repackaged versions of the event so you can use it or parts of it for various purposes. We'll help you promote the event so you get the maximum audience and will do everything possible to make it a resounding success.

No more worries about attendee availability, no excessive costs for large venue hire and associated expenses and no concerns about making it all work. We'll do it all for you and ensure you get the outcome you need so contact us now to get things started.

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Greater Audience Potential
Expand the reach of your event by live streaming on social media or a custom landing page.
Analytics Tracking
Analyse relevant metrics like viewer numbers, engagement, and behaviours. Optimising for future events.
Communication Channel
Opens up real-time engagement with live chat services. Ask questions, surveys and get your audiences interacting.

Live Streaming

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